The Clothesline vs a Drying Machine

The Clothesline vs a Drying Machine

Using a dryer to dry your clothes was created for convenience and that it sure is, but convenient doesn’t always mean the best. Some people feel clotheslines are a nuisance, and they can be, but they also have advantages. 


Drying with a Dryer


Drying machines are quick, dependable, and oh so easy! Now let’s have a look at the price tag, the average price of a dryer is around $700 and they are not so cheap to run either as you can expect to spend an estimate of $70 per year in drying your clothes. Along with being uneconomical, they tend to be noisy and generate heat in the home. Surely you have also damaged a garment in a dryer before - with so much heat, it’s inevitable that some fabrics will shrink dramatically especially cotton.


Line Drying


Clotheslines and drying racks are economical as it doesn’t cost a cent to dry your clothes, although you can expect to pay around $400 as a one off for a top of the line clothesline. The sun is a natural whitener and cleaner as it kills bacteria and even dust mites. While there are many advantages, line drying can cause your clothing to get stiff. Carrying your laundry outside and pegging each item one by one is a chore that takes time and effort, but it can actually be therapeutic - after all it is outdoors in the sun!


So it really comes down to this question...what do you value more - convenience or money?